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An app that SMSes a pre-decided phone number the coordinates and address of the device if the user feels unsafe

Tech Stack: Xamarin.Forms, Azure Function with .NET, Twilio Programmable SMS, Google Maps Geocoding API

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CodeCapture - Web App

A web app that enables coding education for students without computers by taking code from paper to the mobile browser

Tech Stack: .NET Core, Azure Functions, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Static Web App

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An Android Wear smartwatch app that allows you to fake a phone call to get out of tricky situations

Tech Stack: Xamarin.Android, Azure Function using .NET, Twilio Programmable Voice

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CodeCapture - Cross-Platform Mobile App

A cross-platform app that aims to assist remote learning experiences in Computer Science for students without computers by taking code from paper to mobile.

Tech Stack: Xamarin.Forms, Azure Cognitive Services, JDoodle Compiler API, Twilio Programmable SMS

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A cross-platform application created to help healthcare institutions catalog and manage contact details of COVID-19 patients from their staff’s smartphones or desktops

Tech Stack: Xamarin.Forms, Azure Cosmos DB